Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Janelle Martinez gets a 5 year sentence for false sexual assault claim

A five year sentence. Please take a moment for that to sink in. Five years. To this point, that is the largest sentence I have heard of being handed down for a false claim of sexual assault.

The only problem? It has been suspended to time served and 5 years probation. What is unclear in the article, is how much time has already been served. Based on the article, Janelle Martinez was confronted in April of 2010 with the inconsistencies of her story and she admitted to making up the claims, and was charged with 3 counts of filing a false police report. On the 10th of this month, she was sentenced to the 5 years. So if she was charged in April of last year, and sentenced in June of this year, then the maximum time she would have spent in custody would be 1 year and 2 months.

She claimed that 3 men had sexually assaulted her. After those men were interviewed, and evidence was collected for evaluation, it appears that there were some inconsistencies in her story. The evidence didn't match her claim, nor did the information the 3 men supplied.