Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A congressman's tragedy is a "victory" for women? Really?

ABC News' Web site has a repulsive headline: "Weiner Scandal: A Victory for Women Leaders?" See here.

As if the Greek tragedy of Anthony Weiner's downfall could appropriately be considered a "victory" for anyone. But the purveyors of gender divisiveness who write features articles never miss a chance to drive a wedge between men and women in order to get people to read their dreck.

It reminds me of the height of the recession when men were losing jobs at an unprecedented pace. Clever Pulitzer wannabes declared: "Women are victors in 'mancession'."  See here. Yep. "Victors." These writers even concocted a delightful little word that managed to pull off the seemingly impossible trick of both belittling men and trivializing the recession at the same time: "mancession." You know, like a "manwich." Or the "manscaping" that women features writers find so fascinating, in a junior high girl kind-of-way. Or Seinfeld's "manzier."

In both the Weiner headline and in declaring women the "victors" in the recession, there is a nasty streak of  gender payback -- of giving men who are down a good, swift kick to the balls to atone for the "sins" of the patriarchy. (And don't get me started on that.)

Sorry that I couldn't celebrate the recession "victory" with you, ladies. There's just something about seeing families struggling to eat that makes me want to put away the party favors.

And despite my own disagreement with Weiner, see here, I am appalled that men are destroyed for legally acting out sexual urges. (Hell, a congressman felt forced to resign recently for putting a shirtless photo of himself on Craigslist.)  Weiner's real problem should be that he lied to so many people, but somehow, my guess is that the lying isn't why he's being destroyed.

Mind you, I don't believe it's moral to cheat on your wife. But I also don't believe it's moral to break your marriage vows and file for divorce just because you aren't feeling "fulfilled" and you know that you'll get the kids and a nice custody check every month.  Above all that, I also believe it's not moral to judge others or to think myself "holier than thou."  Even when the subject is men and sex. So, no, I can't celebrate when a man is destroyed because he acted out apparently lawful sexual urges.

But let's demonstrate the inanity of the Weiner article. Here's a quote found in it: "The world is half men and half women. The government has to reflect the world," said Cecilia Attias. See here.

Put aside the inanity of assembling a government based on demographics (wouldn't we also need a certain percentage of Methodists and every other religion, not to mention atheists? How about members of the blind and deaf and hard of hearing communities? Hispanics, blacks, and other minorities? Gays and lesbians? And on and on and on).

Please note what the quotation omits: the day I hear women calling for half of all the people living on the streets to be women, and half of all jobs with the highest fatalities to be filled by women, that's the day I'll take this call seriously.