Wednesday, May 11, 2011

'Zero Tolerance' for sexual assault does not mean 'automatically believe the accuser'

A rape "may have happened" at a Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity house in Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  The Sigma Phi Epsilon National Fraternity says it has a "zero tolerance policy" for sexual assault.  So, while local authorities are investigating the claim, what do you think the national fraternity has done? ". . . the national fraternity has instructed the local chapter to cease all operations, pending the results of the investigation."

If it is proven that a rape actually occurred, it is assumed that the national fraternity will shut down the local chapter permanently.

But why wait for that?  An accusation has been made, so just shut it down now, and if it's shown nothing happened, then reopen it.  You know, until proven innocent, and all that.

Astounding, isn't it? People and organizations don't understand that there's a Grand Canyon between a "zero tolerance policy" on rape, and a "zero tolerance policy" on a rape accusation. Too often when they say they have the former, they really mean they have the latter.