Monday, May 9, 2011

Prosecutors dismiss charges against Wyoming doctor accused in sexual assault

WYOMING -- Prosecutors have dismissed charges against Emmanuel Espinosa, a doctor accused of sexually assaulting a man in his medical office in March 2010.

Espinosa, 57, was charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct and was scheduled for trial April 18.
After the charges were filed in May, his wife vociferously defended her husband and called the allegations "an outright lie."

Espinosa was accused of performing oral sex on the man, police said at the time.

Espinosa operated Midwest Family Medicine, 1009 44th Street, but was forced to close the business because of the allegations, his attorney, Scott Pederson said today.

He is still a doctor and had been working as an urgent care physician in the Cascade area.

"The allegations against him were baseless and unprovable," Pederson said. "There was nothing to back up the man's claim."

He described the alleged victim as a disgruntled patient that made false accusations.

"This has been very damaging for Dr. Espinosa," Pederson said. "He lost his business. He has to start over again."

Court records show that Espinosa filed for bankruptcy last year.