Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mentally impaired teen was beaten into unconsciousness, and the word 'Rapest' was tattooed on his forehead, over a rape that never happened

Another in a long line of vicious, mind-numbing overreactions to a "rape" that never happened, and this one nearly killed a young man.

Two men and two women are in jail after an 18-year-old mentally impaired man was tortured and brutally beaten into unconsciousness after one of the women claimed he tried to rape her. 

A police spokesman said there is no evidence to support the rape claim.

Several days earlier, the young man, Stetson Johnson, had befriended one of the women who would later attack him, Kimberly Sue Vergara, 25. Mr. Johnson was leaving Vergara's house one day when her former boyfriend confronted him and started the assault.

Vergara and another woman admitted that they used a stun gun to twice shock Mr. Johnson in the genitals while he was held down. The former boyfriend and another man forcibly tattooed the word "rapest" (sic) on Mr. Johnson's forehead and the words “I like little boys” on his chest.

Mr. Johnson asked them: “Why is this going on? … Why is this happening to me?" The attackers told him to "just shut up."

Then the attackers forcibly tied his hands together, and one of them, a 21-year-old man, beat him into unconsciousness with a baseball bat. The attackers left him to die, lying near a lake. 

Police say the attack was so brutal, they are surprised that Mr. Johnson survived.

When Mr. Johnson awakened from his unconsciousness after two hours, he was bleeding, but he made his way to a trailer park a mile away, crawling part of the way. He was taken to the hospital where he spent several days in intensive care.  Now, Mr. Johnson and his mother are moving away, due to safety concerns.

To cover up the misspelled word that identified him as a vile rapist, the poor young man had a bar code tattooed on his forehead.  His mother plans to have the tattoos removed.

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