Friday, May 6, 2011

Karen Born of Aberdeen arrested again for 'bait & brake' phony 911 call on Garden State Parkway

A New Jersey motorist, arrested last year for braking and baiting fellow Garden State drivers, found herself back in handcuffs Tuesday for making a 911 call later proved to be false, the APP.COM reported.

Karen born reportedly called 911 operators on March 29 claiming she had been sexually assaulted in her car near milepost 100. When the State Police arrived to question her, she allegedly denied making the 911 call and the officers saw no evidence indicating that a sexual assault occurred.

The same day of her arrest, a motorist called 911 reporting that the Aderdeen woman was driving erratically near milepost 111. The caller alleged that Born was using her tried and true break and bait tactic to make other drivers pull over by stopping and slowing in front of the cars. The caller also said Born was swerving on the road, Sgt. Brian Polite, spokesman for the New Jersey State Police told

Police found the 52-year-old road hawg driving a rented 2010 Chevrolet Aveo near Exit 98 in the southbound lanes of the Garden State Parkway and arrested her for the 911 call. She has been charged with obstructing justice, and making a false police report. No charges were filed against her for the erratic driving incident on Tuesday.

Sergeant Polite said Born was likely driving a rental car, which was impounded after her latest arrest, since two other vehicles she had were seized following her earlier spastic driving incidents last year.

Tuesday was not the first time Born made a bogus rape claim of rape, the New Jersey Newsroom reported. In July 2009, while at the Point Pleasant municipal lockup on a disorderly person offense, Born told officials she was raped while in the facility. The allegation proved to be false and she copped a plea in 2010 to false report making. A judge sentenced her to 18 months probation and a $50 fine in March 2010.

According to State corrections records, Born served 16-months at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in Clinton for a parole violation. She was released in January 2008, after serving 10 months of her sentence. In 2003, Born was convicted of weapons offenses, eluding and resisting arrest while operating a motor vehicle. She served almost three of her four-year sentence before she was released in October 2006.

On February 9, a Monmouth County grand jury indicted Born on false police reports and erratic driving charges. Her first arrest back in November 2010 came after State troopers issued warrants for her arrest following 22 incidents of alleged harassment, all reported over the 2010 summer.

According to the Daily Record, while driving along the Parkway in Aberdeen, Holmdel, Hazlet, Tinton Falls and Wall during June, July and August 2010, Born would taunt motorists by repeatedly breaking on the road, which would force the drivers to tailgate her. After one of the drivers pulled over, Born pulled a “bait and switch” by telephoning police claiming the driver was harassing and stalking her.

"She put the lives of the troopers, the other drivers and hers in great danger," Sergeant Polite said, according to CBS News.

In those incidents, Born was charged with falsely incriminating others and filing false reports to law enforcement. She was released after posting a $27,500 bond.

According to city stats by road rage reporting site,, road rage incidents in New Jersey don't seem to top the charts, at least in the two cities listed. A score of 1 is 0 (no reports) and a 5 equals extreme road rage. The numbers indicate that two of our towns are sitting in the middle.