Thursday, May 12, 2011

False rape accuser has boyfriend arrested, gets off paying less than the cost of a cheap seat at a Broadway show

An unnamed 19-year-old woman lied that her ex-boyfriend raped her, and he was arrested. After the police investigation revealed the claim was a hoax, she admitted her fabrication.

Her punishment?  80 pounds.

That's about $130 U.S. dollars.

So girls, if you are the vindictive type, you, too, can scare the living daylights out of an ex-boyfriend -- for less than you'd pay for a cheap Rear Mezzanine seat to see Wicked on Broadway. 

No kidding. I'd say it's worth it, wouldn't you?

Read this next paragraph closely -- I've highlighted the important part:

Detective Constable Dominique Roffey, who investigated the incident, said: "We take reports of any sexual assault seriously. However, if the allegation is proved to be false then the offender will be dealt with appropriately."

Yep. I'd say $130 for having someone arrested out of spite is dealing with it "appropriately."

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