Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crime Alert Update: False report of sexual assault

In the following report, I intentionally left out about 3/4 of the article. Simply because the information has nothing to do with the false report, and once again, undermines the reporting of the false claim.

BLACKSBURG, Va., April 6, 2011 – Update: On Monday April 4, 2011 the Virginia Tech Police Department issued a Crime Alert to the Virginia Tech community, noting that a sexual assault had been reported during a concert in Burruss Hall on Sunday, April 3.

The alleged victim, while attending the concert, had been confronted by Virginia Tech Police officers regarding her apparent state of intoxication.  While officers were removing the person from the concert, she reported that she had been sexually assaulted.  Subsequent investigation determined that the report was false and that the alleged assault did not occur.  The person who reported the assault has since stated that the report was false, and confirmed that she had not been assaulted.


Another article that names her, and that allows lies and misinformation about the under-reporting of rape, and of course, that this will cause others to not report, with absolutely no proof to back that up:

The Virginia Tech Police Department arrested a female student following a falsified sexual assault claim.

Alexandra Edinger, a 21-year-old mechanical engineering major, was arrested Friday on a charge of providing false information or report, according to the crime log released by the department.

The report was made during the Wiz Khalifa concert in Burruss Hall on April 3.

The offense is a class one misdemeanor, which brings a maximum prison sentence of 12 months and a maximum fine of $2,500.

According to an April 6 e-mail from the department, Edinger was confronted by police officers because of her “apparent state of intoxication.”

As she was removed from the concert, she reported she had been sexually assaulted.

A following investigation determined no assault had occurred, and Edinger later admitted her report was false and that she had not been assaulted.

An e-mail Monday morning sent by the Collegiate Times to an address listed as belonging to Edinger was not returned. She was not otherwise available for comment.

Jennifer Underwood, an outreach coordinator at Tech’s Women’s Center, said the false report could mislead others on the validity of sexual assault claims.

“It plays into what a lot of people think about sexual assault already,” Underwood said. She also expressed concern that “future victims may be less likely to report (sexual assault).”

Underwood noted the high rate of underreporting in cases of sexual assault, estimating that 95 percent of cases are not reported to any local agency.

A 2005 National Institute of Justice and Department of Justice report showed approximately 35 out of every 1,000 female college students are victims of sexual assault.

With 12,138 female students, Tech could see as many as 425 sexual assault cases in a single school year.

Underwood said the Women’s Center has worked with 24 sexual assault victims since July 1, 2010.

“We’d hope the campus dialogue will focus on how we can get people who are sexually assaulted and aren’t telling anybody to get the help that they need,” Underwood said.