Monday, April 11, 2011

Whirl Around the Wacky World of Gender Double Standards

From current news stories:

▲ Imagine if the genders were reversed: "I care less about the male-female ratio," said  Director of Admissions Dan Meyer at DePauw, where the male to female ratio on campus is now 43 percent male to 57 percent female. Imagine if someone made this comment about the male-female ratio in engineering or the sciences.

▲A proposed Maryland law would allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at four-year colleges and universities in Maryland, if they complete two years at a community college and show that their parents paid state income taxes for three years. The Maryland House has included a requirement that male students register with Selective Service, or the draft, in order to be eligible.  That, of course, is typical of laws that forbid benefits to males, and only males, who fail to register for selective service.

▲"A recent New York Times Magazine article about the challenges that a female teen star (Nickelodeon's Miranda Cosgrove) faces as she grows into adulthood struck Lux Alptraum more for what it didn't say: Why don't we worry about the boys as well?"  A thousand articles expressing concern for boys won't change society's cavalier attitude toward them.

▲“It’s incredible. If someone wrote something like that about women or Jews, nobody would accept that. But it’s written about men, so that’s okay,” says Gilles Tremblay, professor of men’s studies at Laval University regarding books that declare women can train their men like dogs.

▲Journalist Tara Sullivan of the Bergen Record was denied entry to The Master's locker room on Sunday, after a female security guard told her that women were not allowed into the men's locker room.  This, of course, has caused a conniption among the progressive press. Which raises the question: are male reporters permitted to gawk at female athletes undressing?  Guess again.  But, you see, female reporters are "professionals" who are not interested in peni or scrota, unlike the sex-crazed males who pretend they want to get a story in the women's locker rooms. Remember the female reporter covering the Dodgers' locker room who wrote this? "Just then, Shawn Green emerges from the showers, rubbing a towel on his head and wearing only a towel. Three millimeters thick of terry cloth is separating Green's goodies from my life's most embarrassing moment. I really didn't have that much time to think about it before Green whipped off the towel and began to get dressed. Holy &#$@!!! I'm going to need to see a chiropractor for the whiplash I gave myself. I turned away to not see most of the goods, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I saw Greenie's buns, le toosh, el booty. Catch my drift? I don't know what took me off guard more: The way it happened or the fact that it was Shawn Green, who I think is just the cutest thing..."