Friday, April 29, 2011

Man Alleging Sexual Assault Filed a False Report

Once again, a person who lied is called the "victim". Of what .... stupidity? And isn't it interesting that his name and vital statistics are published.  When have we ever seen that happen with a female false accuser?

Clarksville, Tenn. - On April 4, 2011, around 8:25 pm, officers were called to investigate an alleged sexual assault which had already occurred. According to the victim, Gregory Shearer, a gun was pointed at him and he was forced to have sexual relations at various locations around Clarksville.

An investigation by Detective Ray Colon, which spanned several hours, uncovered several discrepancies in Shearer’s story. He determined the gun was actually a starter pistol and Shearer knew it was not a real gun. The alleged victim had been left alone on several occasions and came in contact with multiple individuals and did not call Police for assistance. Detective Colon ascertained that a sexual assault did not occur and Shearer had fabricated the story.

GREGORY CHARLES SHEARER (w/m, DOB: 10/28/89, Given Address: 449 Shelby Street, Clarksville) was booked into Montgomery County Jail and charged with: FALSE REPORT, BOND: $2,500.