Friday, April 15, 2011

'Rape Culture' Round-Up: to Get Your Blood Boiling for the Weekend

▲George Washington University violated Title IX by creating a "biased and one-sided process" against males "in the manner in which it approaches the investigation, adjudication, and appeal of allegations of sexual assault" where "the accused is so fundamentally denied due process as to be virtually assured of a finding of guilt . . . ."

Complaint (paragraph 54) of male student alleging university disciplinary hearing panel refused to consider witness testimony tending to prove his sexual encounter was consensual. (See here and here)

▲"I really can't say she  . . . cleared my name because it (rape charge) is going to follow me wherever I go . . . .  I'm always going to worry about an employer saying, 'What about this (rape charge) and what about that.' It's a serious charge that raises eyebrows."

Shannon Hudson, on false rape charge that kept him in jail for two months (see here)

▲"I do agree my daughter needed punishment, but to carry it to this extreme is wrong, unless you get the whole story."

Ronnie Denham, on why his daughter, Melinda Denham, doesn't deserve jail time for a rape lie that sent Shannon Hudson to jail for two months (see here)  

▲"Having you shove your dick down my throat to the point where I couldn't breathe and vomited twice made me feel like trash."

Message to alleged rapist written on denim, displayed at University of Colorado "Denim Day" to raise awareness about sexual assault (See here)

▲"It's hard to exaggerate the importance of the new advisory that the White House put out . . . about the application of Title IX to tougher college standards on sex assault."

Wendy Murphy, on Department of Education's April 4 directive (see here)

▲“Lowering of the standard of proof is absolutely crucial to the women’s community.” 

Associated Students of Stanford University President Angelina Cardona on Department of Education's April 4 directive mandating schools to lower standard of proof for sex crimes to "preponderance of the evidence" (see here)

▲“Officials at the University worry that the government’s imposed changes may keep students from seeking help."

Washington University, St. Louis, student newspaper, on the provision in the Department of Education's April 4 directive forbidding an accuser from seeking mediation, and mandating disciplinary hearings, in cases of alleged sexual assault (see here)

▲"This is nothing more than a glorified zero-tolerance policy, and a very dangerous one at that. As both a feminist and someone who has experience with sexual misconduct, I am annoyed and frustrated with this meaningless and misguided gesture."

Comment in the Duke Chronicle, agreeing with Pierce Harlan's comment about the dangers of lowering the burden of proof for sexual assault at college disciplinary hearings (see here)
▲"The sad truth is, until men take responsibility for the actions of our gender, this problem is not going to go away."

Man speaking at Decatur "Take Back the Night" rally (see here)

▲"I think it's always important that, if somebody discloses [an assault] to you, to always believe that person."

Woman speaking at Indiana State University "No Woman Left Behind" sexual assault rally (See here)

▲". . . one in six boys is sexually assaulted in his lifetime."

According to Southern Utah University Center for Women and Families. That's 17% of males to age 17 (See here)

▲". . . one in four women and one in six men are sexually abused. ... "

Speaker at Prince George County "Take Back the Night" rally. That's 17% of adult males (see here)

▲"Among whispers of hurting feet, male college students, many from organizations such as Male Allies Against Rape and Violence, the rugby team and fraternities, along with law enforcement and community members, proved even the most masculine of men will walk, literally, a mile in women's shoes for the cause. 'Men are the solution to the problem,' Vanderburgh County Sheriff Eric Williams said."

News report about University of Southern Indiana "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" rally (See here)

▲Columbia University EMS Director Alex Harstrick, CC ’12, explained that sexual assault calls to CU EMS are rare, with less than 10 of their 800 to 900 yearly calls relating to any form of physical assault. (See here)

▲And finally, the quote that merits the award for "honest statement of the week": Vivian Barnette, NC A&T's Director of Counseling Services "says A&T's campus doesn't have a major problem with sexual assault." (See here)