Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Woman jailed over false rape report

Mona Ibrahim had claimed that on November 24, 2008, she had been raped by Rezenne Gabray Tevelde and Anderbraham Gebremariam Matthews.

She claimed that she had met Mr Tevelde in Valletta and later met Mr Matthews in Paceville. Later in the evening, the 3 took a taxi to Valletta.

In Valletta, according to Ms Ibrahim, one of the men made sexual advances at her but she resisted, only to be assaulted and raped, with the other man also participating. She also claimed that they robbed her of around €300, leaving her with just €20 which she used to take a taxi ride home.

She reported the incident 2 days later, and the 2 men were arrested. Both denied the claims.

Medical evidence did not back her story, finding none of the men’s DNA on her body and finding no signs of violence which would have been consistent with it.

Magistrate Doreen Clarke thus ruled that Ms Ibrahim had knowingly filed a false report against 2 innocent men, causing them distress and wasting the authorities’ resources.

The woman was thus jailed for 15 months.

Inspector Graziella Muscat prosecuted while lawyer Mark Busuttil was defence counsel.