Friday, February 25, 2011

Woman Engages in Extensive Consensual Sex with a Stranger, Then it Suddenly Dawns on Her: This Might Not Play Well With Her Husband, So She Tells Rape Lie

Rape Liar Sentenced to 18 Months

This is a follow-up to our story here.

A 32-year-old mother-of-three was jailed for 18 months today for falsely claiming she had been abducted and raped after she actually had "extensive" consensual sex with a 26-year-old man. The rape lie caused the man to be subjected to a humiliating arrest and a 12-hour custodial detention.

On the evening of July 5 last year, Nicola Osborn, who had been drinking, was walking home when she began talking to a stranger in the street. She did what all self-respecting mothers of three who've been drinking would do: she went home with him and engaged in "extensive sexual activity."  When they were finished, they swapped telephone numbers and she left.

On her way home, she became upset when the potential consequences on her marriage from the illicit rendezvous suddenly dawned upon her.  She was so visibly upset that passers-by contacted police. That's when she made up the rape lie -- she claimed she had been bundled in a car by a stranger and taken to a public toilet where she was forcibly raped.

Perhaps her intent was to keep the "rapist" a mystery. But, alas, once unleashed, a rape lie takes on a life of its own. A major police investigation was launched which utilized a total 548 hours of police man-hours. The police put other investigations on the back-burner as their resources were diverted to this alleged rape case.

A 26-year-old man was arrested after DNA samples taken from Osborne matched those taken from him for a previous minor criminal offence. (The DNA database can be used not only to catch rapists but to punish innocent men.) The man was arrested and detained for 12 hours.

The man's victim impact statement, which was read to the court, said: "I remember sitting in the cell and the door slamming shut. It's a horrible feeling, you feel like you are the only person in the world, I felt very frustrated as I knew I had done nothing wrong. I found it very humiliating. People like her make a mockery of women who have really been raped."

In sentencing Osborne, the judge said this: "I believe it suddenly hit you what the potential consequences were as to what you were going to be able to tell your husband about what you had been doing and a possible fear of pregnancy." He added that a custodial sentence reflected the seriousness of the offence which led to a "vast deployment of police manpower" and caused "intense anxiety" for the victim.

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