Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wife misled police with assault allegations

COUNTY - A Baker Settlement woman who falsely accused her husband of physical and sexual assault will have to wait until early April to find out what the court will do with her.

Gail Elaine Conrad pleaded guilty to a charge of misleading police by making a false statement when she appeared in Bridgewater provincial court February 9. Although Ms Conrad indicated she was anxious to proceed, Judge Gregory Lenehan agreed with the Crown that a pre-sentence report should be prepared.

"This is a very serious matter, Ms Conrad, any time somebody makes a false accusation against somebody," Judge Lenehan said.

"I would also like to have some more information," he added. "It is essential for myself to have some background information on you. This type of allegation has significant ramifications on the justice system, so I need to try to get a feel for who you are and why this happened."

Crown attorney Susan Bour told the court Ms Conrad made a statement to an RCMP constable on September 13 of last year, recalling times when her husband pushed and hit her, and times he had intercourse with her without her permission.

Police arrested Mr. Conrad who denied the allegations, but charges were laid.

Then on November 5, Ms Conrad returned to the RCMP office and recanted her earlier statement saying she'd been coached by someone else. She told police the things she'd reported never happened and that Mr. Conrad was a good husband.

Ms Conrad will return to court April 6.