Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Black men are upset that a woman's bogus rape claim named a black man: Why are they not upset that virtually all false rape claims name a MAN?

"Men" are not supposed to think of themselves as a group.

"Black men"?  OK.

"Black women"? Certainly.

"Women"? Do we really need to answer that?

Wait. I take that back. It is perfectly OK to classify "men" as a group -- when "men" are being derided for their toxic masculinity, or for their undeserved privilege, or for being "pigs," "dogs" and "rapists" (as in "all men are . . . .").

But take false rape claims. In terms of victimization, men and boys have a stranglehold on them.  (Women's groups would love to be able to say the same thing about rape -- trust me -- but the fact is, a huge percentage of rape victims, likely a majority, are male, because of prison rape. Sorry, ladies.)

Remember this story?  The New York Daily News reports that the "nun's" false claim "that she was choked and raped by a black man has angered - but not surprised - African-American men in her Brooklyn neighborhood."

Sister Mary Turcotte, a member of the rogue Christian sect Apostles of Infinite Love, which has no affiliation with the Catholic Church, "is white" and she "claimed she was attacked on the street Thursday by a 6-foot-4, 250-pound black man."

Now pay attention to this quote from the story: "'I don't know why they must accuse falsely like that. I think it must be prejudice," said Isaac Dennis, 56, an advertising worker who lives across from the convent."

Read that again.  He doesn't know why they must falsely accuse "like that . . . ."

Get is? He's upset because the rape liar manufactured a black man as her imaginary rapist.

He's not upset that the rape liar manufactured a man as her imaginary rapist.

We have reached the point where maligning maleness has become so terribly normalized that it doesn't even register for most men, let alone most women, that men, as a class, are under attack in various ways.  It doesn't dawn on them, for example, that virtually every single false rape claim is directed at a man or boy, real or imagined, save for a few school teachers.

A lot of feminists think rape should be classified as a hate crime. Culture and Family Institute Director Robert Knight once testified: "Every rape is a crime against all women."

Well, I guess prison rape of men isn't "real" rape, but put that aside.

Every false rape claim is a crime against all men, because, unlike rape, having a male perpetrator is usually crucial to the tale.

And that doesn't bother you?