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There are too many comments to moderate. Comments often serve a useful funcition by sharing information about matters of concern to the community. Comments do not express the views of the owners of this blog. We do not allow comments that are insulting to the persons who comment or post here. Nor do we tolerate offensive comments, including but not limited to comments that are racist or that negatively characterize, attack, or degrade an entire gender.  When we catch such comments, they are deleted.

Comments that criticize or question social policies that favor one gender over another are not offensive. Example: saying "women are inherent liars" is unacceptably offensive. Saying "laws that pay persons who claim they were raped sometimes are abused to the detriment of innocent persons" is not.

This blog is dedicated to giving voice to, and raising awareness about the problems encountered by, persons falsely and wrongly accused of rape and sexual assault. We welcome any comments consistent with that mission that otherwise are consistent with this comment policy. We do not tolerate comments inconsistent with or that trivialize that mission.