Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Speaking up for due process in college sex proceedings = mocking sexual assault victims

Beware of radical leftists who pretend to be objective analysts.

Media Matters exposes purportedly wrong-headed right-wing comments--but typically doesn't bother to explain why the comments are wrong-headed. This is not surprising--Media Matters'  readers don't need, or want, explanations--they automatically buy into its loony, far left mantras.

Media Matters cites comments of Fox News' Megyn Kelly as evidence that she has dismissed and "mocked" the rights of college sexual assault victims.

What were Kelly's horrifically misogynistic comments?

Kelly had the audacity to express concern that college men accused of sexual assault have been stripped of their due process rights.

That's it, you're saying?

Yep. Kelly is being treated as a misogynist because she wants fair proceedings that give the accused the right to know the charges in advance and a fair opportunity to be heard and to defend against them.

You're surprised that an organization like Media Matters hates fairness?  Then you don't know that to the far left, anyone who dares to speak up for due process in college sex proceedings is a rape apologist.

Kelly also had the gall to criticize the Obama administration's insistence that the accused prove an element of the sexual assault, consent--thus unconstitutionally flipping the time-honored burden of proof to prove wrongdoing. Flipping the burden of proof in rape cases has long been a dream of radical feminists.  

Further supposed evidence of Kelly's rape apologism is her criticism of reporters who treat the Rolling Stone false gang rape story as "noble" and who refuse to approach college rape cases with "an open mind" because "in some instances," young men are falsely accused.

Because, you see, treating allegations with an open mind is evidence that you hate women. We've posted many stories here to prove it.

And that's where we've come. Anyone who dares to call for keeping an open mind or who voices concern for fair processes so that the truth may be aired must hate women. Masculinity is a pathology.

The cultural elites who dominate our public discourse on sexual assault are so out-of-step with the vast Middle America, they have no clue how loony, how anti-intellectual, or how hateful they really are.