Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Another 'study' supposedly proves most male college athletes are rapists

It is tiresome beyond measure.

The extremists in the sexual grievance cartel are intent on painting young men as monsters and insisting that an entire gender needs reprogramming. They've been doing this for years. I've been refuting it for years, and I've had enough of them.

One of their latest "studies" supposedly proves that more than half of male college athletes are rapists . . . because they nag for sex. Yes, that's right--these young men "insist" their partners have sex but don't force them to do so. That's "rape," don't you know.

Ashe Schow has written about it here--it's called "sexual coercion," and we've written about it extensively here--read this and you'll understand the issue. I challenge one of the "researchers" behind this cockamamie study to address what I wrote here. Seriously. I wrote that article linked years ago and no one has ever challenged the arguments.

I could repeat all the reasons why "sexual coercion" is not rape--but I've come to conclusion that the "all men are rapist" arguments aren't worthy of serious refutation.

The purveyors of the college rape epidemic are sick, and they are nuts. They should not be welcomed in polite society. We must keep our sons away from them. It's time for all people of goodwill to insist they be fired from their cushy university jobs and that they have no voice in the public square on this or any other issue.