Monday, May 9, 2016

Fraternity banners raising awareness about sexual assault condemned as 'poor taste' because fraternities are rape pits

Chalk up another victory for the campus PC loons. Fraternities at Northwestern University have been attacked over banners displayed outside fraternity houses for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

What offensive message did the depraved banners contain? The banners featured the chapter’s name along with messages such as, “XYZ supports survivors,” “XYZ stands against sexual violence” and “This is everyone’s problem.”

If you are scratching your head wondering what's wrong with that, read on.

The usual suspects from the sexual grievance cartel bellyached that the banners were in poor taste due to the pervasiveness of sexual assault in fraternities.

You read that right. Poor taste. The fraternities' reward for trying to raise awareness about sexual assault was to be condemned. The campus sexual grievance cartel used the fraternities' noble impulse as just another excuse to paint fraternities with a broad brush as rape pits.

Are we shocked? Don't forget that the campus sexual grievance cartel used Rolling Stone's imaginary rape exposé in 2014 as an occasion to call for fraternities to be banned.

So how did the fraternities respond to this outrage? Did they defend their actions and decry the condemnation of their banners as political correctness run amok?

They did not. They apologized. And they announced plans to create a four-year sexual assault education program.

I can't make this up. Don't read this on an empty stomach. The Interfraternity Council issued a statement: “We recognize now how this campaign may have been emotionally triggering for survivors, and we want to make a deep, genuine apology for anyone that may have been affected. This was not our intent, but it is our fault for not being cognizant enough and not considering how it might affect others in our community.”

If that's not bad enough, the Council plans to launch another program to teach fraternity men not to rape. IFC president Will Altabef said this: “People come in here with 18 years of being socialized to think a certain way is masculine. We’ve got four years to try and correct any wrongs that might come in and hopefully to just make a more positive community.”

It's very difficult to fight a battle when the people you're trying to speak up for go ahead and surrender. The rights of college men are under assault all across America. The current administration has manifested a blatant hostility to their due process rights, and their brothers are being wrongly expelled in droves. Yet college men, so fearful of being perceived as hating women, kowtow to the tyranny of PC group-think. They don't seem to give a damn that they are in the middle of a witch hunt and that they are the witches.

The real villains here are the usual suspects, the crusaders of the campus sexual grievance cartel. The cartel spends obscene amounts of tax and tuition dollars pumping out vapid and ineffective public service announcements "raising awareness" about sexual assault that will not stop a single sexual assault. When fraternity men follow their cue, they are attacked and forced to apologize--just because they are fraternity men.

The campus sexual grievance cartel isn't interested in promoting safe and healthy sexual relationships, they are out to punish an entire gender. If that sounds harsh, try and explain idiocy like this and a thousand other incidents any other way.