Friday, March 11, 2016

The Angry, Intolerant Left Shuts Down a Trump Rally--and They've Just Handed Trump the GOP Nomination

Tonight in Chicago, which has raised mindless violence to an art form in recent years, the angry left shut down a Donald Trump rally. Mr. Trump cancelled the rally because of skirmishes among protesters and Trump supporters--the police told Trump it wasn't safe to do the rally.

The protesters were largely the delicate snowflakes of the "safe space" generation who are accustomed to getting their way without accomplishment and for whom political correctness is simply correctness. They did what the left does routinely--they censored speech by silencing someone they don't like.

They picked the wrong person to silence this time. Nothing will energize Middle America to rally around Donald Trump more than the ugly scene last night. People are tired of their moral superiors on the left reducing them to vile caricature and telling them they aren't allowed to have views that don't meet the politically correct litmus test of some far left group. What we saw tonight was a microcosm for the very reason Trump is so popular.

Laura Hollis, a University of Notre Dame business and law professor, explained why Trump is so popular:
Because the left has become an army of bullies, and Americans are sick to death of it.

There was a time, decades ago, when the political left was a movement that defended personal and political liberties. They took pains to argue and persuade that their positions were superior.

No more. The left has become the establishment. They are everywhere, they never rest and there is no escaping their efforts to make all of us over in their image. They are the 'omnipotent moral busybodies' C.S. Lewis warned of.

Worse, they have become so enamored with themselves and so convinced of their inherent moral superiority that it no longer matters whether their positions are demonstrably factually false. Consider what the left now defends with no sense of irony:

*Curtailing freedom of speech and the press on college campuses in the name of "safe spaces"

*Denying due process in the name of "justice" to people accused of sexual assault.

. . . .

But it is not enough for the left, which is on a permanent rampage against aspects of American culture that were once considered admirable and praiseworthy. Police officers are violent racists, stay-at-home moms anti-feminist sellouts, two-parent families a vestige of patriarchal oppression, hard-working entrepreneurs and successful business owners swept up in indiscriminate accusations of being in "the 1 percent."

Americans are fed up. We cannot defend the safety and privacy of our bathrooms, our businesses or our borders.

The United States was set up as a Republic to avoid the tyranny of the majority. What we have now is a tyranny of the minority — a relatively small cabal of academics, media personalities and elected Democrats who have a stranglehold on the national conversation.

This isn't tolerance. It isn't "choice."

Into the ring steps Donald Trump. He says he is willing to do what elected Republicans have not done. Americans have taken enough punches. They want someone who will punch back.

I write this post even though some readers don't like it when I write about politics. Like it or not, the central issue we write about is political--the current administration has waged jihad on college men accused of sex offenses, and the presumptive Democrat Party nominee is a woman at war with the wrongly accused. If you care about the wrongly accused, you can't vote for her.

The nitwits on the left might have done something a hell of a lot of prominent Republicans have been trying to prevent: it's quite possible they've just handed Donald Trump the GOP nomination, and possibly the White House.

And they've also done something I would not have thought imaginable: they've made Donald Trump a sympathetic figure.