Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Man Beaten and Sexually Assaulted Because of False Allegation of Abuse

According to police in Parsons, Tennessee, a man was beaten by a gang of thugs, sodomized with a tree branch, and left for dead out in the woods by four men.  One of the thugs was the father of the victim's girlfriend who told her dad that the victim beat her.  The police report that the girl's allegation was false.

Watch the horrible story here.  Apparently, the victim lived in Mississippi, and his girlfriend called him and requested that he drive to Tennessee to come get her because she hated the town of Parsons.  He met her at the Sonic and was approached by the thugs.  He attempted to drive away, but they chased him until he ran off the road.  Defenseless and not knowing where he was, he attempted to run into the woods on foot where the cowards caught him and committed the most atrocious acts which left him disfigured.

False accusations made to law enforcement are common as evidenced by all the stories in the news about those who have been wrongfully arrested, prosecuted, and sometimes wrongfully convicted based on false allegations.  But, I would imagine that false allegations made to ordinary citizens are even more common.

One of my twelve tips for avoiding a false allegation was probably applicable in this case.  If you meet a woman who complains that she has been abused by all of her ex-boyfriends and husbands, then I strongly discourage entering into or continuing a relationship with her.  She could be lying, and when you break up with her, she will tell her next boyfriend or her father that you abused her.  Heck, you could wind up like the poor guy in this story.  Of course, she could always be telling the truth, but the thought in the back of your mind should be, "What is she doing that results in her being abused?"  One thing is for sure, a relationship with her will most likely be a roller coaster one way or the other.

And, when the relationship ends, she might falsely accuse you of physically or sexually abusing her.  If that shoe drops, then it is imperative that you consult with an attorney who should begin an investigation into her past relationships.  I've heard in training that most men don't rape, but the ones who do are serial rapists.  Whether that is true or not is debatable.  My experience has led me to form the opinion that when a woman falsely accuses a man of abusing her, then there almost always will be other men who she has falsely accused.  You must find them in order to show a pattern of false allegations, and they are typically easy to find because she will have told you about them.