Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Film director said: "This falsely accused thing drives me nuts.”

Kirby Dick, director and writer of The Hunting Ground and a member of the rush-to-judgment club when it comes to rape claims, said this: “This falsely accused thing drives me nuts.”

But what else should we expect from Kirby Dick? The Hunting Ground is a shockingly biased exercise in extremist political propaganda intent on further chipping away the rights of presumptively innocent college men. It is filled with first-hand, and very dramatic, accounts of purported sexual assaults—classic “he said-she said” claims—except the filmmakers didn’t bother to acknowledge even the possibility that there might be more than one side to any of the stories they presented. None of the women’s stories—none of them—were challenged with competing evidence that might cast even the slightest doubt on them. The overall effect is akin to a 1970s radical feminist rant that insists women must always be believed solely because they cried “rape.” The film has been attacked by scholars with impeccable credentials--their reward was to be accused of hating women.

Dick's latest insensitivity toward the community of the wrongly accused is unspeakably callous. His hateful comments are an affront not only to readers of this blog but to all persons of goodwill.

If Kirby had said, "This HIV/AIDS thing drives me nuts," he'd be a pariah. But since he trivialized the victimization of the wrongly accused, he's a feminist icon.

My guess is the "falsely accused thing" also drives Brian Banks nuts.

And the young men falsely accused at Hofstra University.

And Jonathan Montgomery.

And Matt Folino.

And the falsely accused men of the Duke lacrosse team.

And the families of Jay Cheshire, Stephen McLaughlin, and all the young men who took their lives after being falsely accused.

And all the men falsely accused by Christina Nadine Nelson,Jayne Stuart, Emily Riker, Heather Brenner, Elizabeth Jones and all the other false accusers.

And the families of Wesley Lord, Devin LaSalle, Cory Headen, Sumbo Owoiya, Cody Wightman, Johran McCormick, Michael Zenquis, and all the other young men and boys who were beaten or murdered after being falsely accused.

And I could go on and on and on and on, but you get the point. Dick should spend a few months reading through this blog and its predecessor--if he devoted a few hours to it every day, he probably could read through it by September. Perhaps he'd learn a small measure of humility.

And by the way, Mr. Dick, as a matter of policy, this blog insists that no one trivialize the victimization of victims of sexual assault.

It is possible to advocate for a cause without being a Kirby Dick about it.