Monday, February 8, 2016

Feminists tell young women they are going to hell if they don't vote for Hillary

That "feminism" is a morally and intellectually bankrupt movement run by certified loons is self-evident. By way of example, we've reported here that America's most prominent feminist, the presumptive Democrat Party nominee Hillary Clinton, told rape accusers they have "the right" to be believed until the evidence shows the accused is innocent--that is, guilty until proven innocent.

Now that young female Democrats are hopping on the Bernie bandwagon, the feminist establishment is aghast that young women aren't marching in lockstep to their moral superiors in the sexual grievance industry--you see, Hillary is entitled to the unthinking devotion of every young woman by reason of their common vaginas. So the feminist high command has trotted out a couple of ossified relics of feminism's inglorious past to shame young women into voting for Hillary: Madeleine Albright, a former secretary of state who, apparently, thinks Serbs who dare to protest atrocities against them are "disgusting," and the Grand Poobah of feminists, Gloria Steinem.

These dinosaurs believe young women are idiots, woefully incapable of thinking for themselves. Forget about that "women's right to choose" nonsense when it comes to how they should vote, they need to kowtow to the venerable old women of the feminist movement.

So why do these two icons say young women gravitate to Bernie? Of course it has nothing to do with Hillary's lack of trustworthiness, her moribund agenda, or the fact that she's willing to change her positions in whatever direction Bernie breaks wind.

Steinem thinks young women are abandoning shipt because--wait for it--young women want to follow the boys, and the boys are for Bernie.

Albright thinks it's because women women can be judgmental toward one another.

Can you say "sexist"? I mean, with misogynists like that, who needs misogynists?

Albright also said, "There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!"

There you have it. If you ever wonder why so few women identify as feminist, you need only look to the stupid and awful things they constantly say.

The good thing is that to most young women, the names Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem will be about as relevant to their lives as the name Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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