Friday, January 22, 2016

Woman falsely accused boy of rape because 'she requires attention, even if it's negative'--but she won't go to jail

Sapphire Phillips, 21, who previously had made false claims of rape and robbery, falsely accused a 17-year-old boy of rape after they had a consensual sexual encounter.

Phillips lied because she felt "used" by the boy, because she felt guilty about cheating on her partner, and because she "requires attention, even if it's negative."

The boy was arrested and spent 20 hours in police custody. He was forced to undergo a forensic examination. It is not difficult to imagine that this was the worst experience in his young life.

Phillips eventually admitted she lied and that her encounter with the boy was consensual.

“It’s a strategy she uses when she can’t cope with a situation,” explained a probation officer. “She requires attention, even if it’s negative.”

Yet, Phillips was spared jail time. You read that correctly--she will not serve any jail time for trying to destroy the life of a boy, even though this was the third time she had made a false claim about a serious criminal matter.

This is not the first time we've seen cases like this. Remember the woman who sent a college student to jail for five years over a rape lie because "I've always seemed to need some drama in my life. Otherwise I get bored"?

In this post from 2014, we chronicled a few of the more outrageous "rationales" for false rape claims--don't read it on an empty stomach.

In most of the cases, as here, the false accusers serve no jail time. Two prominent examples of women who avoided spending time behind bars are the false accusers in the infamous Brian Banks and Hofstra false rape cases.

False rape claims are terrifying and destroy lives. Most of the cases are not motivated by revenge--the far more serious problem is that we have taught our daughters to treat consensual encounters as rape (see, Regardless of the motivation, if we want people to treat rape as a serious matter, we need to treat false rape claims as serious matters. When the law bows to political correctness and allows women to make false rape claims with impunity, it undermines confidence in the way rape claims are handled, and it makes people all the more wary about punishing even men and boys who deserve to be punished for rape. We do women no favors by refusing to treat the false rape problem as the serious social pathology it is.