Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The hateful Roanoke College students who tried to keep a student out of college after he was found not guilty of rape

Last March, a 19-year-old Roanoke College freshman male from Zimbabwe, Africa was charged with the rape and aggravated assault of a female student in connection with an incident that occurred in a college residence hall. It was a classic he said-she said case. The accuser (still not named by the news media even though the young man she accused has been named) claimed she brought the young man to her second floor room, then they got on her bed and began "to talk in the dark." What happened after that is disputed. The accused claimed that while they were having consensual sex, the accuser protested, so he stopped, and left.

The young man was suspended by the college, and even though no one except the accuser and the accused know for certain what happened, the district attorney decided to roll the dice with the life a teenager, and the matter proceeded to trial last November.

It took the jury just 25 minutes to deliberate and find the young man not guilty of either charge. According to a news report of the trial, "cross-examination brought forward apparent contradictions between statements the woman gave to police and her courtroom testimony about that night . . . ."

Then, the accused attempted to re-enroll at Roanoke College. Cue the lynch mob. On December 4, 2015, Roanoke students circulated an online petition to keep the accused student out. The petition stated:

Keep Roanoke Safe
In March of 2015, a Roanoke College student was raped by a another student. After charges were brought up, he was suspended from the school. Now that the criminal trial is over he is trying to re-enroll as a student. Multiple individuals have stepped forward and said that his behavior towards the victim is NOT incongruent to his personality and past actions. Others have stated that similar actions have been imposed on them at the hands of this student. If he is allowed back, no female student will be able to feel safe. A mahority [sic] of the student body will be put at risk. We ask you to sign the petition, stand by your fellow students, and stand by a campus culture of respect and safety. If you are worried about signing and remaining anonymous, we urge you sign with your student ID number which will not give your name to anyone other than the Dean of Students. We plan on submitting this petition to the Dean formally on December 8th and appreciate all of the support we can get before it is submitted as well as continued support after the submission!
Even after the jury's tellingly speedy determination that the young man was not guilty, Roanoke students took hostility to due process to a new level by circulating a petition that flatly declared the young man had "raped" the accuser. Without bothering to cite a scrap of evidence, the petition alluded to all manner of hearsay and unsubstantiated allegations to paint the young man as a vile rapist. Employing the repugnant fear-mongering tactics that are a hallmark of the college sexual grievance lobby, the petition declared that "no female student will be able to feel safe."

Some 291 students signed the petition. The still-unnamed accuser shared the link on her own Facebook wall and wrote, “Thank you so much to the person who made this petition. please help prevent this from happening to another student.”  The accused man's defense lawyer, Deborah Caldwell-Bono, said: “It was just appalling that she wants to go forward and get him kicked out of school. . . . Where does it stop?”

Later in December, Roanoke College held a disciplinary hearing, and the young man was found not responsible for sexual misconduct.

Now the young man is suing the still-unnamed accuser, claiming she intentionally published false statements about him on her social media accounts and on an online petition website after the March incident and after the jury trial.

And so it goes. If a student from a third world country studying at an American college were acquitted of any criminal charge other than rape, the people who created and signed the vile petition would not have done so--instead, they would be at the forefront to condemn any effort to expel him based on hearsay and unsubstantiated accusations. But somehow, when the charge is sexual assault, all their liberal impulses devolve into radical feminist fear-mongering.

Where do the students of Roanoke College learn to hate like this? These attitudes are so prevalent, they are practically air-borne, but for starters, you need look no further than America's most prominent feminist, the presumptive Democrat Party nominee Hillary Clinton. Clinton told rape accusers they have "the right" to be believed until the evidence shows the accused is innocent (guilty until proven innocent). And that, my friends, is simultaneously terrifying, laughable, idiotic, and, above all else, good-old fashioned feminist man-hating--let's start calling it what it is without fearing that our moral superiors in the sexual grievance lobby will be offended by it.