Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Meet Counterintuitive Victim Behavior Expert Dr. Veronique Valliere

For the past five years, the United States Army has employed counterintuitive victim behavior experts at a cost to taxpayers of roughly $2,000.00 per day to testify why complaining witnesses act illogically.  One of the premiere experts the US Army employs is Dr. Veronique Valliere, a forensic psychologist from Pennsylvania.  She has testified in approximately forty to fifty Courts-martial over the past few years.

Dr. Valliere made the news recently in Pennsylvania where an attorney filed a motion in limine to prevent her from testifying.  However, Pennsylvania passed a law to rule that this type of testimony was admissible. Juries are typically the factfinder in sexual assault cases, and there is a question whether this type of testimony invades their discretion to weigh the credibility of complaining witnesses.

In one recent Court-martial at Fort Benning, Georgia, the Government employed Dr. Valliere as a counterintuitive victim behavior expert presumably to explain why a woman who graduated from Princeton, was set to earn $150k per year in a contracting job in Afghanistan, who owned a home in a different state than the accused Servicemember, who was a former victim advocate for her unit, and who outranked the accused who she had known for less than a month, would fly to Las Vegas and marry a man who she says forcibly and anally sodomized her one week before in Charleston, South Carolina.  You can listen to her direct examination here, and you can listen to the civilian defense attorney's cross examination of Dr. Valliere here.

For the military, Dr. Valliere has testified in the past, as well as the Court-martial above, as a "blind" expert forensic psychologist, which means she knew none of the facts of the case for which she was testifying.  Little did she know that the defense attorney shared with the military panel (jury) during opening statements that his client was actually the victim of physical abuse by his wife who falsely accused him of a number of heinous crimes the day after he served her with his petition for divorce where his wife counterclaimed for sole physical custody of their one year old daughter.  Nor was she informed that he possessed recordings of her attempting to run him down with her car in their driveway, throwing and hitting him with a glass in the kitchen, threatening to kill his dog, and stating that she was going to his Commander and he was going to pay her a lot of money.

A defense expert, Dr. Kevin Richards, later testified that he reviewed her mental health history and she appeared to have traits consistent with a borderline personality disorder.  Listen to one of the last questions in the audio where the civilian defense attorney turns Dr. Valliere into a defense expert witness for false allegations made by persons afflicted with a borderline personality disorder during custody battles in divorce.

Once again, if anyone knows a Servicemember who is considering divorcing his wife who he married a little too quickly only to learn after it was too late that his life has become complete chaos, then they need to read this link and hire a civilian attorney who is experienced in divorce and military law.  Most military prosecutors would have seen the case above as a false allegation lodged in an attempt to gain sole custody of a child in a divorce, but the Special Victim Prosecutor, the Chief of Justice, the Staff Judge Advocate, and the Commanding General of Fort Benning, Georgia figured they could justify the prosecution by merely calling a counterintuitive victim behavior expert to explain the accuser's erratic and bizarre behavior.