Friday, December 11, 2015

Three false rapes reported by media yesterday

Three false rape reports showed up in news articles within the last 24 hours.  Two occurred in the United States: one in Greeneville, one in Bristol.  And, one rape was falsely reported in the UK.

The false report of rape in Bristol is interesting.  A man allegedly paid a woman between $100 and $150 to falsely accused his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend of rape.  Thankfully, the "victim" broke down and the cops figured it out before the intended victim of the false allegation was arrested.  I wonder if these facts would be enough to convince the Indiana Daily Student that the recantation was not coerced by the cops, like they could not determine in this case.  She has pleaded not guilty of the crime and is presumed innocent.

And, if the man who allegedly paid the woman to make a false allegation is found guilty, then he should be sentenced to confinement and required to carry around a ficus tree to replenish the oxygen he is wasting.