Saturday, December 12, 2015

Special announcement for the community of the wrongly accused

I implore you to watch Fox News on Sunday night. The "The Truth About Sex and College" aired Saturday night and it will be repeated again Sunday night at 8 pm, Eastern Time. It is a fair, balanced, and wholly satisfying look at the witch hunt that has settled on our college campuses. From the perspective of the wrongly accused, it is the best broadcast I've ever seen. It highlights the Occidental "sexual assault" case, Columbia's "mattress girl" Emma Sulkowicz, and Corey Mock.

The show features the wonderful Ashe Schow, who hits it out of the park describing what's really going on--great job, Ashe. It also features respected attorney Hans Bader, who is always astute. Host Martha Maccallum is exceptional.

I was chuckling as I watched. Our enlightened moral superiors in the sexual grievance industry want the public to think there is only one side to the story and that hostility to due process is perfectly appropriate when it comes college men accused of sexual assault. They are, of course, on the wrong side of history.

Leave it to Fox News, which is frequently unfairly maligned by the progressive media and the people who assume the mainstream media is objective, to present a show that is fair and balanced and that doesn't feel the need to demonize anyone.