Monday, December 21, 2015

Mother of Wrongfully Accused College Student Describes Trauma

A post by Washington Examiner Commentary Writer Ashe Schow highlights an anonymous mother's story about her falsely accused son who is still reeling from the false allegation even after the college cleared him.

In one part, the mother writes:

"I want to beg Senators [Claire] McCaskill and [Kirsten] Gillibrand to see the destruction of an innocent life, to feel his pain, to see his trauma, to know what it's like to pick up your child who is in a crumble on the campus lawn, to ask them why his life doesn't matter," she wrote, "but the silencing continues, and the war wages on."

It is doubtful that her pleas would have any effect on Senator McCaskill who has written this in an opinion piece in Time Magazine about her efforts to reform the UCMJ:

"As a former sex crimes prosecutor who’s personally held the hands of victims and fought to put rapists behind bars, I’ve judged each policy idea with one yardstick: Will it lead to better protections for victims and more prosecutions of predators?"

Noticeably missing from her one and only yardstick is due process concerns for the accused.  And, it isn't a stretch to imagine that she cares as little for falsely accused college students as she does for falsely accused Servicemembers who have no place on her yardstick.

And, this mother's pleas will likely fall on deaf ears with regards to Senator Gillibrand who told Fox News reporter Martha MacCallum unequivocally that she believes "Carry that Weight" performer Emma Sulkowicz:

"I believe Emma," Gillibrand said.

The basis for my opinion that Senators McCaskill and Gillibrand care nothing for the due process rights of the falsely accused is hidden in their statements: a belief that victims never lie.  Whether it is a conscious indifference for due process to get at the truth displayed by McCaskill's one yardstick doctrine, or Gillibrand's ignorant gullibility due to her lack of experience in prosecuting sexual assault crimes that makes Senator Gillibrand believe Emma, one might wonder whether they have ever met a complaining witness who they believed lied. 

What would be really interesting to watch is how either would react if Austin Exposito, Theodore Gillibrand, or Henry Gillibrand were ever falsely accused of sexual assault.