Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Joseph Farrah's Take on the Campus Rape Epidemic

Joseph Farrah has written an article regarding the college rape epidemic.  In it, he discusses the victim advocate lobby's discouragement of simple measures to prevent being assaulted, mainly, abstaining from the excessive consumption of alcohol.  Farrah touches on this subject, but it strongly appears that the more sinister motive behind victim advocates' negative comments towards those who attempt to prevent rape by giving common sense advice is that victim advocates want more victims in order to justify their existence.

The Violence Against Women Act has been used to inject billions of dollars into the victim advocacy industry since it was enacted in 1994.  So, in order to justify this Government largesse, what do you think needs to exist?  That's right.  Victims. 

So, how do you create more victims?  One way is to redefine rape and sexual assault to the point where an unwanted look is "unwanted sexual contact," and the numbers rise meteorically.  Another way is to eschew training people on measures that might prevent them from being a victim, and harshly criticize anyone from advising potential victims of these measures.  This way you get bona fide victims who are victimized by sexual predators, and not two drunk people who are equally as culpable for engaging in sexual conduct with a drunk person.  If these groups truly cared about victims, they could figure out a way to focus both on placing the blame on criminals while simultaneously supporting methods to prevent people from being victims.