Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fabricated story leads to reduced charges, sentence for Albany man

The title should read "Albany Man Gets 36 Months in Jail for Witness Tampering After Telling His Wife Not to Appear at Trial to Commit Perjury."

There is something strange going on in Albany, Oregon.  Craig Lazon spent 9 months in pretrial confinement after his wife accused him of aggravated attempted murder, rape, forcible sodomy, kidnapping, and strangulation.  However, the evidence obtained during the police investigation showed otherwise:

"Poole said Tiffany Lazon asserted she had been tied up for a week. But there were no ligature marks on her wrists or ankles.

She alleged that Craig Lazon would not allow her to talk with her father on the phone, but records indicate a 20-minute call had been made between the two.

When police went to the family home and broke down the door, fearing Lazon’s 13-year-old daughter was in danger, they found her napping and said nothing nefarious had occurred there.

A computer flash drive contained photos and video of several incidents in which Tiffany Lazon had hurt herself, hitting herself with a screwdriver, hammer and even whipping herself with the buckle end of a leather belt.

In all of the videos, Craig Lazon was shown trying to stop her. In fact, Poole said, the videos show that Tiffany Lazon had hit her husband several times and he never acted back in anger.

Poole said that although Tiffany Lazon contended her husband hit her, she had no defensive wounds and there were no wounds on her buttocks, back or legs.

“Our forensic specialist said her marks were symmetrical,” Poole said. He said that in cases of violent attacks, that does not happen.

Further investigation found that Tiffany Lazon had previously tried to commit suicide and that her first husband had sought a restraining order against her because she had threatened to kill him.

Although she alleges that she saw battle action while in the military, records indicate otherwise. And according to her VA medical records, she once tried to say that a bug bite was actually a gunshot wound.

The Veterans Administration has found that Lazon has borderline personality disorder."

Yet, the Judge sentenced Lazon to 36 months in jail for witness tampering because he had a fellow inmate contact her to dissuade her from showing up in Court.  The presumptive sentence for the charge was between 15 and 18 months, yet, the DA argued for a 36 month sentence for his past history of violence against women.  Lazon's attorney argued for 9 months confinement, which would be a downward adjustment, and seemingly reasonable, because he was attempting to prevent his wife from continuing with her lies in Court.

While the article says nothing about what Mr. Lazon's criminal history shows, the fact remains that the video evidence proves that he was the abused spouse, that his wife had a personality disorder, that the physical evidence contradicted her story, that she was previously married to a man whom she also falsely accused of assault, and she made false claims to the VA, stating that a bug bite was actually a gunshot wound that she suffered in battle. 

But, Mr. Lazon is the one who will not be home for Christmas.  He's in jail because he tampered with a witness who likely would have gone before the Court and committed perjury.  Why the Judge sentenced him to twice the high-end of the presumptive amount for that crime is a question that really should be investigated. 

And, of course, people just naturally jumped to the conclusion that Lazon was guilty back in March when he was arrested, as evidenced in these Facebook posts:   Need to cut his nuts off and let him bleed!!!!/He should just hang himself/Skin him!!!!!!/Bullet to the brain/.38 to the head, save us all some time and money/just send this "man" to isis. let them behead this "person" for free.

I wrote about men who marry women with personality disorders and who are abusive yesterday.  This story shows that when you are in an abusive relationship, you must document the abuse through audio or video, particularly if your spouse has a borderline personality disorder.  Can you imagine what would have happened to him if he did not record these acts?  He spent 9 months in jail, even though the police apparently possessed this evidence.

Also, if your potential spouse has been divorced, contact the ex-spouse to see what their relationship was like.  I have a hunch that there were pretty significant markers that could have given Mr. Lazon some insight into what he could expect when he married his wife.  I would imagine that she complained about her previous abusive relationship.  When you meet a woman who tells you about all the men who have abused her in the past, chances are good that when your relationship ends with her, she will say that you abused her, as well.

And borderlines are really good at seeming like they are the perfect mate.  Whatever you like, they will say they like doing the same things.  And, they are incredible in bed.  Think of Glenn Close's character from "Fatal Attraction."  But, when the other person makes a commitment through marriage, or moving in with the borderline, that's when they change and the chaotic behavior begins.  And, when you've had enough and try to leave, a borderline will consider that abandonment and try to destroy you.  It is so important to take the time to really know the person who you want to marry, at least twelve months, before you take the plunge.