Tuesday, December 1, 2015

COTWA is Reopened

I have been graciously permitted by the operator of this blog to continue with newsworthy stories regarding false allegations.  I have been following the actions of Senators Claire McCaskill and Kristen Gillibrand, respectively, with regards to their efforts to fundamentally change the Uniform Code of Military Justice, so you might see an uptick of comments regarding military justice related false allegations.  I have also followed the pressure these Senators and the current administration have placed on universities to slowly chip away at the little due process accused students are provided at disciplinary boards.  Finally, I have kept abreast of the numerous convictions for false rape allegations, as well as the exonerations of those who have been wrongfully convicted of false allegations of rape.  So, I will continue to provide links and comments on those three areas, as well as provide resources for those who might be falsely accused or have been falsely accused.  I will use the moniker "Barney Greenwald" who was one of the best Judge Advocate characters in literature and on the big screen.