Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bloomington woman charged in false rape case near IU campus

The Bloomington Police charged the woman who allegedly falsely accused a man of rape we wrote about here.  It is important to remember that she is innocent until proven guilty.

It is difficult to ignore that the media did not publish her name.  Maybe the cops did not release the name, or maybe Fox 59 knew her name, but decided not to publish it.  Whatever the case may be, perhaps this practice should be employed for the presumptively innocent individuals who are accused of sexual assault

But, if you believe that publishing the name of presumptively innocent individuals accused of sexual assault is necessary to protect society or generate leads, then wouldn't society have an interest in ensuring that men stay away from her in order to avoid a false allegation?  Or, perhaps she has previously falsely accused someone who is rotting away in jail who could benefit from knowing her identity. 

While I understand the utility in publishing names of the presumptively innocent, there should be consistency. 

****UPDATE*****  Fox59 published the woman's name, but apparently no picture is available.