Sunday, November 8, 2015

Paid lobbyists should not be dictating policies that deprive our sons of fundamental fairness in college sex proceedings

We have long maintained that, if put to a popular vote, pretty much everything this blog advocates would be the law in America. We are not the extremists; what we advocate is common sense and fair, and it's supported by a lot of law professors with no dog in the hunt.

For example, did you know that "[a]n overwhelming percentage of likely voters believe that law enforcement agencies and prosecutors should take the lead role in investigating and adjudicating allegations of sexual assault on college campuses . . . ." See here. This is the premise of the proposed Safe Campus Act under consideration in Congress.

So why in the hell is the Safe Campus Act considered "controversial"?

It's "controversial" only because paid lobbyists of the sexual grievance industry and their sympathetic extremist media enablers have decided the Safe Campus Act must be killed, that's why. Unfortunately, those groups dominate the public discourse when it comes to all things related to gender, so the Safe Campus Act faces an uphill battle, at least until a Republican is elected president.

Our elected officials have an opportunity to show us whether they work for us or for paid lobbyists that represent well-funded groups with agendas that don't give a damn about your son's rights. I am not optimistic they will do the right thing.