Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New York Magazine says a large number of college men are capable of rape

A New York Magazine article agrees that Dr. David Lisak has been peddling “questionable research” that “leads people astray” by claiming that the vast majority of college rapes are committed by serial predators.

I'm all for debunking Dr. Lisak, but after concluding that colleges are not overrun with serial rapists, the New York Magazine article reaches a conclusion that is wholly unwarranted and that promises to do more harm to the community of the wrongly accused than anything Dr. Lisak ever dreamed up. It states the following: ". . . it appears that for whatever reason — and this is where further research is so crucial — many men in college are capable of committing rape in a 'limited' (for lack of a less terrible term) manner."

Read it again. "Many men"--meaning a "large number" of men.

Sigh. Do you see where this is leading? (1) The writer of the New York Magazine article suggests that the population of college rapists is much wider than the one Lisak claimed, and (2) the writer also seems to assume that the made-up college rape epidemic is a reality. Now, instead of having a handful of rapists committing all those rapes (a la Dr. Lisak), rape is committed by many--a large number--of college men. You can be certain that the sexual grievance industry is already at work plotting its approach in a post-Lisak world--they now have license to demonize college "men" as a class (as if they didn't do that already) since, apparently, the rape gene is spread among a large number of them.

This foolishness plays directly into the hands of the radical feminist meme that rape is normalized. Jessica Valenti, for one, never bought the idea that rapists are "sociopaths"--they are "normal guys," she wrote, and "[r]ape is part of our culture; it's normalized to the point where men who are otherwise decent guys will rape and not even think that it's wrong."

And now the feminists can cite New York Magazine to "prove" it.