Monday, November 16, 2015

Feminist compares made-up college "rape culture" to ISIS

Last week, a feminist compared the made-up college rape epidemic to ISIS--and, no, I'm not making that up. She wrote: "ISIS’ treatment of Yazidi women as sexual slaves may seem far removed from fraternity or athletic team members’ treatment of women as sexual objects for conquest, however the results are distressingly similar." And: "While ISIS endorses sexual assault, American college administrations similarly facilitate and perpetuate the rape of women on campuses."

ISIS's most dramatic act of inhumanity occurred this past weekend when it killed scores of innocents in Paris and paralyzed a city with fear.

In contrast, the most widely publicized example of "rape culture" in recent years was Rolling Stone's gang rape story, with all its attendant hysteria. That "rape" turned out to be a complete fabrication.

When given the chance, ISIS beheads innocents, crucifies them, sets them on fire, beats them, systematically gang rapes them, and engages in every form of agonizing torture it can think of.

In contrast, on college campuses, there are isolated acts of sexual violence, but innocent men are often wrongly accused of rape (see, e.g., here and here), and presumptively innocent men routinely are subjected to processes that are, in the opinion of acclaimed legal scholars, grossly unjust and illegal (see, e.g., herehereherehere, and here). A court in California recently agreed that students accused of sexual assault are being treated unjustly. The popular media also maligns wrongly accused college men.

When it comes to the made-up college rape "epidemic," no assertion is too false, too outrageous, too hysterical, too hateful, or too flat-out stupid for the sexual grievance industry and its media enablers. With a straight face, they happily mouth lines that seem lifted from theatre of the absurd. Comparing college rape to the tactics of ISIS is not just preposterous, it sends the already dismal public discourse on college sexual assault plummeting to a new, hateful low.

But it's not surprising. After all, we have a government that thinks there is a college rape epidemic while, just hours before the horrific attacks on Paris, our government's leader declared that ISIS has been contained.

Political correctness, you see, turns everything on its head.