Monday, October 19, 2015

When nude photos of female celebrities are posted on the Internet, The Frisky likens it to rape. When it happened to Justin Bieber? He has "a nice fucking wang"

When nude photos of female celebrities are posted on the Internet, The Frisky solemnly likens it to rape and claims its pronouncement isn't "politically correct" but "morally correct."

When paparazzi recently posted nude photos of megastar Justin Bieber all over the Internet without his permission, Mr. Bieber felt violated--but this time, with the genders reversed, The Frisky forgot all about that "rape" business and proceeded to post a story with this headline: "Good Lord, Justin Bieber Has A Really Beautiful Penis." (The link is not safe for work.)

I'm not making that up.

But wait. The Frisky didn't just laud the nude photos. It did the very thing it likens to rape when it happens to women--it actually posted the naked photos of Mr. Bieber, and it urged its readers to "take a look" and "zoom in, if you can."

As if that wasn't bad enough, The Frisky could not stop raving about Mr. Bieber's body part: "That’s a nice fucking wang, guys," it declared. "Like, this is a pretty solid penis. I’d even call it a beautiful penis. It’s a penis for the ages." Then it resorted to a grotesque analogy to describe it: "From where we sit, it appears to have the girth and the heft of a half-eaten tube of cookie dough. Just … yeah. Take a look."

Isn't that lovely?

If the genders were reversed, the writer would be fired on the spot and The Frisky would be tripping over itself to apologize to women as a class. But somehow, everything is always different when men and boys are the victims, and The Frisky won't be apologizing to anyone.

Good luck trying to explain this double-standard to your children. You could concoct some bullshit about how historical "male privilege" justifies it, but even a child would see through that. The next time some clever Internet outlet posts nude photos of female celebrities without their consent, it can justify it by pointing out that The Frisky proudly posted photos of Justin Bieber's "wang." Good work, Frisky, for setting back your own cause.

If you want to understand why so few people, including so few women, identify as feminist, and why a hell of  a lot of people think that feminism is designed only to elevate one gender at the expense of another--logic, justice, and morality be damned--look no further than to countless double standards like this.

But, then, what do we expect from an outlet like The Frisky? When Judith Grossman wrote a thoughtful lament about the absence of due process protections for young men accused of sexual assault at American colleges--a lament, by the way, shared by leading law professors--instead of discussing Ms. Grossman's concerns rationally, The Frisky branded them "rape culture" and "victim blaming," then it proclaimed that women don't lie about rape and that rapists aren't punished severely enough. Sadly, dear readers, The Frisky is a barometer of modern feminism.

One final footnote. The feminist community has a strange relationship with Mr. Bieber. They may praise his penis for its resemblance to a lovely half-eaten tube of cookie dough, but he recently came under fire from feminists for writing song lyrics where a guy asks a girl to clarify whether she consents to sex.

Poor Justin Bieber--he even gets in trouble for suggesting that men should do what feminists insist men routinely fail to do--ask first--because he had the audacity to suggest that women sometimes send mixed signals. (Of course Justin Bieber's concern about mixed signals has been proven to be an understatement. It was recently shown by a survey feminists have hailed that almost half of all college women think a nod in agreement is not consent.)

Apparently, the only time feminists are happy with this poor mega-superstar is when they can violate him and longingly zoom in on his "beautiful wang."