Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What the hell is wrong with today's college women?

A recent Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation survey  shows that 44% of college women--that's approaching half--think that when a woman gives a guy a "nod in agreement," that isn't enough for consent. A bare majority of college women (just 51%) think that it is. Here is the actual question:

. . . .
The fact that a staggering percentage of college women don't understand that an unmistakable outward manifestation of assent constitutes consent should have raised eyebrows all across America. It should have caused us to question the findings in that and other surveys that suggest there is a "rape epidemic" on college campuses. But, of course that didn't happen because the truth doesn't advance the preferred narrative--that innocent young women are routinely raped by "normal" young men a la "Jackie" in Rolling Stone's rape fairy tale (you remember--"Jackie" supposedly was pushed to the ground and forced to lie on shards of glass while seven vicious young men raped her, and vast segments of the public believed it).

Do I mean to say that an accusation is not tantamount to an actual rape? Heresy, you say? The leader of the college sexual grievance industry candidly admitted he sees "case-after-case" where "sincere victims [sic] . . . believe something has happened to them" even though "overwhelming proof" shows it did not. Read it again: "case-after-case."

How can college women be so terribly ill-informed about consent given the mind-boggling resources devoted to raising awareness about sexual assault on campus? It's because their thinking has been molded by the anti-male sexual grievance industry and its media enablers. They are filling our daughters' heads with not just half-truths but outright lies. They are teaching them that consent has to be "verbal" and "enthusiastic"; that "regret equals rape"; that when two drunk students mutually decide to have sex, only the male is a rapist; that it's perfectly okay to punish innocent young men as the price of battling sexual assault; that rape is "normalized to the point where men who are otherwise decent guys will rape and not even think that it's wrong"; that it's perfectly okay to expel young men accused of rape because women must automatically be believed; that due process for college men is "bullshit"; that the burden of proof is "a defense of the perpetrator"; that suggesting kangaroo college sex tribunals do not do justice is "a subtle misogyny that many focusing on this issue have internalized"; that fact checking sexual assault stories is a"huge mistake"; that keeping an open mind about an accusation is "rape apology"; that schools where there are no rapes is proof of the campus rape epidemic; and that the prosecution of rape liars a violation of "human rights."

These aren't the views of loony outliers, these are mainstream feminists. In virtually any other context, comments this outlandish would draw waves of laughter, but here, they give out PhDs to the women most proficient at spewing the lunacy.

If this sounds harsh, it needs to be. The problem is that the lunacy is being given statutory articulation, and the hostility to due process for college men is being codified in laws across America. And middle America doesn't have a clue it's happening.

So what the hell is wrong with today's college women? The real blame lies with the women who are teaching them to view themselves as victims, and to hate--how else can their views be characterized?--yes, hate, men.