Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Title IX guru says lowering the standard of proof in sexual assault cases does not "take" due process from anyone

Daniel Swinton, senior associate executive director at a thing called the Association of Title IX Administrators, defends the Department of Education's insistence that the standard of proof to decide sexual assault cases be lowered to preponderance of the evidence--the lowest possible standard under the law, and lower than the standard schools are required to provide for other offenses.

Here is Swinton's "explanation" (do not read it on an empty stomach):

“You’re not taking due process away from someone by giving someone else equitable rights,” he said. “It’s not a taking; it’s a leveling.”

And up is down, black is white, and Daniel Swinton can change reality just by saying it.

When you take away someone's due process rights, you take away someone's due process rights. "Explanations" like Swinton's expose the war on college rape for what it really is: a witch hunt.

Swinton would do well to read up on Blackstone's formulation and the difference between college kangaroo sex courts and civil actions.