Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The true victims of law enforcement's handling of rape are . . . black women?

The Huffington Post quotes Savannah Badalich, founder of the Bruin Consent Coalition at UCLA, on why black women "don't feel comfortable" reporting rape to police: "I was once told by a survivor of color, 'if you don't think the death of Michael Brown or Eric Garner or activism happening in Ferguson has everything to do with why I didn't report my rape to the police, you have no idea about my experience or how to advocate for me.'"

Allow me to go bang my head against the wall.

The suggestion that the black woman is the poster child for injustice when it comes to rape makes a mockery of this nation's shameful history of countenancing the lynching of black men and boys solely on the word of a female rape accuser.

In modern times, black and Hispanic men are still subjected to vile stereotypes that make getting justice very difficult (see here and here). But beyond that, social justice warriors have tapped into America's long tradition of rape hysteria and use the memes of the hangman to wage war on masculinity itself. Nowadays, the social justice warriors don't much care about the color of their target--only that he has a penis.

When it comes to the way law enforcement and the modern academy handle rape, the Ferguson police do not exemplify the villains. For that, we need to look instead to people like Duke lacrosse prosecutor Mike Nifong and Duke President Richard Brodhead and University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan.