Friday, October 9, 2015

Salon blames Oregon shooting on 'traditional masculinity'

Salon insists that traditional masculinity is behind the Oregon shooting:
Guns, sex, and money serve as a sort of holy trinity for traditional masculinity, the tropes by which a supposedly true man is known. When it’s stripped down to its toxic core, "what is a man" ends up being defined by how many chicks he can bang, how much ass he can kick, and how much money and “status” he has.
At its core, masculinity is evil, don't you know, and needs to be reconstructed. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Don't read it--it's the same steaming pile of bullshit that pops up in pretty much every progressive rag after pretty much every tragedy where a deranged young man goes on a rampage and kills innocent people.

The problem with every one of these rants, of course, is that they conflate a tiny segment of the population that suffers from serious mental health issues with the vast majority of young men who bear no relation to the outliers.

In any event, if the writers of pieces like this had reduced virtually any other group of Americans to vile caricature, they'd be fired on the spot, but it's perfectly PC to beat young men in print like piƱatas. What's humorous is that these H.L. Menken-wannabes smugly do to young men the same thing they vehemently mock when, say, a conservative politician conflates Muslims as a group with Muslim terrorists, or Mexican immigrants as a group with criminals.

The inanity of the piece is self-evident and requires neither serious nor extended refutation. There is a streak of misandry a mile-wide in the progressive media--the people who write for these sites really do think there's something wrong with your son just because he isn't your daughter.

They can all go to hell.