Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Colleges are covering up epic numbers of rape reports . . . except they aren't

Another progressive media outlet--this time, Mother Jones--wants us to believe that college students are reporting to their schools that they've been raped in epic numbers but the schools are only revealing a tiny portion of the reports.

Mother Jones says that "a survey released last month by the Association of American Universities (AAU) has revealed [that colleges and universities are] undercounting the number of rape reports that schools actually receive." For example, at the University of Florida last year, there were 7 Clery Act official rape reports but the AAU survey reveals that there were actually 214 reported rapes.

Wow! That's a massive discrepancy--7 versus 214. The University of Florida must have hired the Nixon White House to pull off that cover-up. And a lot of other schools are doing the same thing, according to the AAU survey.

Except when you read further in the Mother Jones article, you find that's not really what's happening. For a big percentage of the supposed rape "reports," women didn't really report that they were raped--they merely "talked to a counselor."

There's a hell of a big difference between reporting a rape to authorities and talking to a counselor--for the latter, we have no idea what was discussed, and many such meetings likely occur because the woman just wants to air conflicted feelings about an unsatisfactory sexual encounter. But in the loopy world of the sexual grievance industry and its media enablers, it's fair game to conflate the two to "prove" a college rape epidemic, with all its attendant panic and influx of resources.

The AAU survey is another in a long line of surveys that is unreliable for a variety of reasons, chief among them that every claim of rape is credited as true, even those made by almost half of all college women who don't know that when a woman agrees to have sex, she isn't being raped.