Tuesday, October 6, 2015

America's foremost advocate for wrongly accused college men

Ashe Schow is the leading voice in America for wrongly accused college men. Day in and day out, she highlights the college rape witch hunt that has ensnared so many innocent young men.

Today, she's written a wonderful, and wonderfully succinct, article that blows to bits the made-up college rape epidemic.  You need to read it here right now.

Ashe makes this brilliant point: "I think the funniest thing in all of this is how the claim that 1 in 5 women experience sexual assault in college was enough for massive calls for draconian legislation to fix an 'epidemic.' But reports that 1 in 5 accusations are false are being ignored as a trivial matter."

Yes, my friends, if our moral superiors who dominate the public discourse on sexual assault (the sexual grievance industry) cared one whit about being honest and consistent, they would have to concede that there is a false rape epidemic and a "false rape culture" on college campuses. Yet the purveyors of PC bullshit steadfastly ignore the injustices to college men precisely because they don't affect college women. Let's cut the bullshit and just say it.

Keep up the great work, Ashe.