Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Woman claims college harassed her by asking for proof she was a virgin before sexual assault and has no interest in sex after

A woman is suing Virginia Wesleyan College because she alleges a student employed by the college as a peer adviser provided her possibly-drugged alcohol on the night she was assaulted by another male classmate. According to Huffington Post, the woman claims that because of the purported attack, she is unable to have sex and has no interest in sex and, as a result, has experienced difficulties in her romantic relationships. She also said she was a virgin at the time of the assault.

To test the veracity of the claims--claims that the woman, herself, put at issue--Virginia Wesleyan College is asking her to name her sex partners, before and after the assault. An attorney for the school explained: "Miss Doe is seeking money damages based in part on the following claims: she is unable to have sex, does not have any interest in sex, and has experienced difficulties in romantic relationships due to her inability to have sex and lack of interest in sex. Given the significance of these claims in a case where $10 million is at issue, Virginia Wesleyan has to investigate these claims like any other claims Miss Doe is making in order to properly investigate and defend this suit."

The woman refuses to answer the questions, claiming they constitute harassment. The usual suspects from the sexual grievance lobby chime in and claim the school is just trying to show the woman was promiscuous. It doesn't matter how many prior sex partners the woman had, one clucked (ignoring the fact that the woman, herself, put that claim at issue). Another said she was "shocked" and another was "deeply offended" by the school's questions, which, they insist, are "an invasion of privacy" and a reason why rape victims supposedly don't report their rapes. One said that--horrors--"It sounds like the school doesn’t believe her.” And: ". . . only 2 percent of reported rape cases turn out to be false" (which is simply wrong), and “rape is almost worse than murder.”

Are you able to keep your breakfast down after reading all that?

If you don't understand how utterly stupid those comments are, let's connect the dots for you. A woman sued the college seeking millions of dollars and claiming she was a virgin before she was assaulted and that she has no interest in sex after. The college is seeking discovery to test the veracity of her claims. See, that's how the system works in every civil case. The bellyachers don't seem to understand that when you're the defendant in a lawsuit that seeks millions of dollars of damages from you, you don't just "believe" the plaintiff, you require her prove her claims.

Most offensive is the dishonest spin the usual suspects put on it--that the school is looking for the information to show that the woman is promiscuous, and that such questions are a reason women don't report being raped.

It reminds me of one of my favorite cases. Back in 2008, we reported that a woman who was arrested for falsely crying "rape" had the audacity to proclaim, "That's why women don't report rape." See here.

Sexual grievance lobby take note: when you don't even take your own memes seriously, you shouldn't expect other people to take them seriously, either. I hope the court sanctions this woman for refusing to answer a question that tests the veracity of her own allegations.