Thursday, July 30, 2015

Feminist says 'who cares' if the UVA frat members were harmed by the Rolling Stone story--the 'Jackie' lie served a greater purpose

These were comments under an article posted at Jezebel that, among other things, dealt with the UVA frat members who sued Rolling Stone for lying about them and causing them emotional distress.

Thought you'd enjoy this. I am still chuckling over it. The comment is so outrageous, at first I thought it must be a troll. But then I remembered, I've seen a lot of comments from bona fide feminists that were every bit as outrageous--just start reading and you'll see what I mean:

Warning: don't go to that Jezebel article an empty stomach. The comments are very depressing. A lot of Jezebel readers are not happy about the Safe Campus Act bill--because, you know, due process sucks and all.

Here's my take on the backlash to the new Safe Campus Act bill--please read it.