Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Everything we ever learned from the sexual grievance lobby turns out to be wrong

Are you sitting down? The "campus rapist" bogeyman--that infamous serial sociopath who preys on unsuspecting college women by plying them with alcohol--doesn't exist after all.


You may or may not know that the entire multi-million dollar war on campus rape has been geared toward rooting out this mythical monstrous bastard, whose existence was "revealed" in a very influential 2002 rape study--but it turns out he's the Loch Ness Monster because that study doesn't support the conclusion that he exists, according to articles by Linda M. LeFauve and Robby Soave (here and here).

If Dr. David Lisak (he's the headliner sociologist behind the 2002 study) wants to refute those two articles, he can send his refutation to me and I'll post it in this blog. I must note that I did chuckle reading the articles by Ms. LeFauvre and Mr. Soave. They were terribly critical of Lisak's methods, and of his of explanations regarding the content of his report. Some readers might know that Lisak, a bona fide darling of the sexual grievance industry, co-authored another influential report of a study in which he not only minimized false rape claims but ripped on the work of Dr. Eugene Kanin, who suggested a crisis of false rape claims at the schools he studied. Lisak's criticisms of Dr. Kanin are extremely interesting in light of the criticisms LeFauve and Soave have lodged against Lisak himself. Lisak may want to address that if he bothers to refute the articles.

So, yet another icon of the sexual grievance industry turns out to be not so iconic? Say it ain't so! Add it to the list that includes Crystal Gail Mangum of Duke lacrosse fame; Jackie and Sabrina Erdely of Rolling Stone fame; Emma Sulkowicz and her pet mattress; the one-in-five canard (see here and here); and the meme that false rape claims are exceedingly rare (of the rape claims that can be definitively classified, false claims are more common than actual rapes).

Gee, it turns out everything the sexual grievance industry tells us is wrong. So what accounts for all these college rape claims? Could the war on imaginary rape be ginning up rape claims? There is no question about that. And it is for certain that our daughters are being purposefully confused about what "consent" means--a staggering percentage of them mistake consent for rape. How can I say that? A new Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation survey shows that almost half of all college women-- full 44 percent--think that when a woman gives a guy a "nod in agreement," that isn't enough for consent. Read it again, it's almost incredible. Only 51 percent--the barest of majorities--think "a nod in agreement" indicates consent.

Another rationale for campus rape claims is the irrefutable "regret asymmetry" that separates college men and college women and that likely shades women's responses to rape survey queries.

Even one campus rape is too many, but the hysteria needs to end. And that's not going to be easy given the number of people whose livelihoods depend on portraying our sons as rapists-in-waiting. It's up to every one of us to call out their bullshit whenever we see it.

Just remember, whatever they tell us is wrong.