Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Haven't we all had enough of this generation of self-righteous nitwits dictating the public discourse?

Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and George Carlin. Three of the most successful comedians in recent history--no one would ever accuse them of being right-wingers, or "men's rights advocates." Their common bond, aside from their talent and their success, is a distaste for the knee-jerk political correctness on college campuses. Read about it here. Jerry Seinfeld won't play colleges any more, he says, because of the PC culture. Kids throw labels around, like "sexist," and "they don't even know what they're talking about," Seinfeld said. (If Jerry Seinfeld won't do colleges, think how brave Prof. KC Johnson and his ilk must be to go there!)

Political correctness runs amok on college campuses. Impressionable children masquerading as adults march in lockstep to the PC group-think dictated by their moral superiors, the campus social justice warriors who harbor imaginary grievances against groups they think have done them wrong. The minions happily parrot their angry overseers -- it's the same old story of kids and peer pressure -- and reduce anyone born into one of those supposed grievance-inducing groups to vile caricature. This explains why any woman who accuses any man of rape must have been raped, at least in the eyes of the bleating college mob and their extremist enablers on the blogosphere. And make no mistake, in their eyes the accused isn't worthy of fair procedures even while the school decides whether to destroy his life.

College students mostly live in a childish world of black and white, and they are so fearful of being on the "wrong" side of an issue, they refuse to acknowledge that most issues have grays and nuances and complexities. They can't fathom, for example, how we can have this blog and still support women who've been raped, because to them, if you're "for" due process when it comes to persons accused of sexual assault, you must hate women.

Haven't we all had enough of their childish thinking dictating the public discourse when it comes to these critical issues? We are raising a generation of self-righteous nitwits who need to be exiled to the kids' table while the adults grapple with tough problems in a world of grays.