Friday, May 1, 2015

Baltimore, Baltimore, Baltimore

It is just awful -- and terribly unfair -- that Baltimore has been tarnished by the Freddie Gray incident. Tourists should have no fear about visiting the historic town, including the world famous Inner Harbor. After all, you probably won't get your spine severed unless you're a black male and you do something terribly stupid, like make eye contact with a police officer.

Seriously? I wouldn't mind if they closed up Baltimore permanently, and made it as vacant as Camden Yards when the Orioles played that game without fans the other day. How does someone get picked up by police for no reason and end up with his spine severed?

It's time for Baltimore, and every other city in America, to get the thugs off the police force--even if it means loosening the death grip of municipal unions, which make weeding out the bad police so terribly difficult.

What happened to Freddie Gray is an atrocity, and all persons of good will ought to be disgusted.