Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Campus "sexual assault" tidbits

*Cathy Young nails it again on campus "sexual assault." Read it here.

*Stanford may be rolling back the tide that threatens male students' civil liberties: see here.

*Student sues San Diego State University over due process violations: see here.

*In Virginia, a bill is kicking around the state legislature that would require public and private universities to mark a student’s transcript if the student was suspended, dismissed or withdrew while under investigation. It is designed to ensure colleges were alerted when an applicant left a college under a cloud of suspicion. Now some amendments are kicking around: (1) to narrow the notation to (you guessed it) sexual offenses (which would be a bad change), and (2) allowing colleges to expunge notations of a student’s dismissal or withdrawal after a two-year window (which would be a good change). The legislators are grappling with balancing concerns about safety and due process and have correctly grown grew "increasingly concerned about pinning a scarlet letter to a student without offering an appeals process." Moreover,"[i]nternal hearings held by colleges can be flawed, Albo said, noting some don’t allow the accused to ask questions and the judicial panel may consist of fellow students." See here.

*Kathleen Parker suggests that the same zeitgeist that led to the Duke false rape case can be seen in the Rolling Stone rape lie: "Erdely was willing to believe the worst about the frat boys because this is part of today’s zeitgeist, especially in the context of rape statistics, which some social scientists have found to be grossly inflated. It seems the writer found a story she was predisposed to believe because it dovetailed with her purposes and, perhaps, with assumptions we’ve seen before, as on the similarly false story of rape by members of the Duke University lacrosse team in 2006." See here.

*A writer named Gail Rosenblum buys into discredited stats about the prevalence of campus sexual assault and false rape claims and paints a dire sexual picture for women on campus. See here.