Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Woman's second rape lie sent an innocent man to jail for eight months

A woman sent an innocent man to jail for eight months on a false rape claim. The false accuser met the innocent man while he was tending bar. "We went to go shoot pool after I got off at 5pm, shot a couple of games. We left to go back to my house. Then, I dropped her off . . . ." said the man. A few days later, he was jailed.

During the man's preliminary hearing, the dramatic rape liar collapsed, and a news report about the hearing declared that "testimony proved to be too much for her to handle." (The news report of that hearing also referred to the false accuser as "the victim.") The false accuser described the attack that never happened as traumatic and brutal. She said: "I sat in my room for two days. I didn't eat nothing. Didn't drink nothing. Couldn't sleep, couldn't do anything." Another news report revealed she said this under oath: "I tried to go to the bathroom my bottom was bleeding."

What was the state's evidence to support the rape lie? According to a news report: "Chattanooga Detective Victor Miller took the stand. 'The crime scene investigator used a light that showed there were substances on the bedding.'" And a medical "expert" told the court that the victim had physical injures that were "consistent with rape." (Were the injuries "consistent" with other explanations for the purported injuries?)

The judge bought it. "She was so terrorized by this man having him sodomized her, rape her, and then sitting there telling her that he was going to kill her."

Except it never happened. The judge was wrong, and the DA was wrong. The woman lied. The man is free now. DNA evidence cleared him last week.

This was not the false accuser's first rape lie, according to the man's attorney.

The news reports about the incident don't name the woman who lied. This blog will not name the innocent man.